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We are an official distributor of BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms offering ICF services in all of Central and Northern New Mexico. Whether you’re building commercial or residential construction, contact us and make sure you’re ready for your next ICF project! Schedule an appointment today!

We strive to offer the best customer service available! Free estimates, delivery (in most areas), and consultation!

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Premium BuildBlock ICF Products

Designed with advantages to benefit both builders and owners, and manufactured with premium materials, BuildBlock is the most installer-friendly ICF on the market. Save yourself time, money, and hassle from beginning to end. BuildBlock ICFs build strong structures while saving time and money, and reducing waste.


Contractors enjoy construction advantages that save time while reducing labor costs and wasted material. Increase building efficiency and offer stronger, longer-lasting, higher-quality structures by using BuildBlock ICFs.



Homeowners benefit from a BuildBlock home on day one with incredible comfort and safety. ICF homeowners also enjoy energy savings and low air infilatration which promotes a healthy living environment through better air quality and reduced dust and allergens.


Versatile Projects

BuildBlock ICFs are incredibly flexible in terms of design. Any size, shape, or style of building is possible and ICFs add value and comfort to any environment. Whether your project is big or small, residential or commercial, if you can dream it, you can build it using ICFs. Check out the Projects section to see examples of ICF construction!



Safe Rooms